About Unational hydro power group

We generate, transmit and distribute electricity.
Do you have electricity? Mission accomplished! Each and every day, we do our best to provide you with a safe, reliable supply of clean, renewable energy.
Unational grpoup can use hydraulic resources in the form of all the lakes and rivers. This wealth offers immense hydroelectric potential.
Hydropower is the ideal means of meeting the major challenges facing the world in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a secure electricity supply.

How hydro power start?

Hydropower starts with energy from the sun. The sun’s heat causes water to evaporate and rise into the atmosphere, where it condenses and turns into clouds that are blown about by the wind. When the droplets and ice crystals that form clouds become too heavy, they fall back onto the ground as rain or snow. The water then flows through the rivers, and generating stations harness this cycle to produce electricity.


Hydropower is vital to the world’s sustainable energy future and currently supplies 17 percent of global electricity deman.Unational Corporation hydro power’s group offers complete services for hydropower projects worldwide.
Whether solving a complex technical issue or developing a project from inception to generating revenue, Unational Corporation’s engineers, scientists, geologists, economists, and construction support personnel have been providing a wide-range of hydropower services to satisfied clients.
We support public utilities and private power producers by performing environmental monitoring and studies, FERC and regulatory consultation, licensing and permitting, engineering, studies and design, project management, and construction.
Unational Corporation’s hydropower group provides preliminary studies, environmental, engineering, and construction services, bundled , for the development, construction, and operational phases of energy projects.


Unational leads with science at the onset of a project, building on our staff’s strong technical and interdisciplinary foundation in natural and physical sciences.

  • Management Consulting
  • Data Analytics
  • Emergency Management and Community Resilience
  • Laboratory Services
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Information Technology Services
  • Modeling
  • Surveying and Mapping

Unational  provides design and engineering expertise that makes the world a greener and better place to live.

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
  • Arctic Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

Unational Corporation offers a full-service solution for program and construction management needs, with a focus on safety, improving schedule performance, minimizing risks, and ensuring quality construction.

  • Construction Management
  • EPCF and Design-Build
  • Program Management
  • Construction Risk Management
  • Operations and Maintenance