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Unational Conglomerate Financial Company Limited under the registration No.: of ….. has been established in ……, in Toronto, Canada by Mr. Shahram Shahnavaz and started doing specialized activities in all fields of ocean, overland and air freight in worldwide.
Unational, take official license from ….. for global shipping and logistics services management at all transportation modes. And so active in Ocean and Air freight from/to Canada and Middle East as regular weekly services.
At now Unational logistics is active at all transportation modes by Sea, Rail, Road, Air, Project and Multimodal Transportation from/to/via Canada and around the world. These include but are not limited to oversized, rare and unusual commercial and military cargo, as well as the planning, coordination and implementation/transportation of hazardous cargos.Our  company was incorporated in this years. Over the years, our company has experienced growth not only by greatly increasing its customer base but also by acquisitions. We have one of the largest transportation networks all around the world.


You can see the list of our company services as follows.

In case you have any question or inquiry in each of the above mentioned items, please do not hesitate contact us by logistics@unational.com.

Why Choose
Unational Logistics

– Professional
Being in the business for years, we have the top-grade trucks, refrigerators, containers, and all other equipment.

– Seasoned
Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their practical knowledge. We’re the best!

– Timely
We know how crucial the timing for a trucking goods transportation is, so we work on a tight schedule!

– Affordable
Our prices make sense! That’s applicable both for the transportation trucking and all other services!

– Reliable Tracking
Unational Logistics provides its clients with a vast range of tools to track their cargo anytime, 24/7/365, and receive extensive info about it.

– Dedicated Drivers
Every driver we employ is responsible for fast and secure delivery of your cargo, regardless of its size and the covered distance.

– Feedback
Any visitor of our site can leave a comment or even a review of our services. We also accept suggestions to make our work better!

– Loyalty Program
We have free bonuses for customers who take part in our loyalty program. And you can easily become one of them!

– Additional Services
Besides being #1 company offering high-quality trucking and transportation services, we also offer a variety of additional services.

– Experienced Specialists
Every member of Unational Logistics team has a lot of experience in various fields of transportation services.

– Social Work
Our company deals not only with commercial delivery but also does transportation for charity and social organizations.

– Fragile Cargo Transportation
If you need to transport a fragile cargo to another state or even overseas, Unational Logistics is always ready to help you.

– Any Distance
We deliver Unational Logistics to any country and region as it is one of the reasons why our delivery network is so successful.

– Customer Service
We believe that customer service is very important to any business, and our company is no exception.

– Recognized Worldwide
We are one of a few transportation companies that received global recognition.

– Free Support
By downloading and installing our apps for smartphones and tablets, you get free access to our customer support.

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