We are highly committed to the refinery and petrochemicals industry  and have the expertise to satisfy customers‘ needs with global strength and local resources. Our aim is to be your preferred partner in this industry and help you overcome all the possible challenges.
Unational Corporation petrochemical groups’ additives facilitate cold flow, prevent wax-settling, improve stability, boost lubricity and make the heaviest products transportable through depressing pour points. Petrochemical group’s process additives demulsify, block corrosion and control fouling. Whether you are at a refinery, a terminal or a pipeline, our products and service teams optimize your middle distillates and crude transportation best. Wherever you are in the world.


  • Agriculture & Animal Feed

  • Automotive & Transportation

  • Aviation

  • Building & Construction

  • Coatings, Paints & Inks

  • Chemical Intermediates

  • Consumer Goods

  • Digital Printing

  • Electronics

  • Food, Beverage & Edible Oil

  • Healthcare

  • Home Care

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Oil and Gas

  • Packaging

  • Personal Care

  • Plastics

  • Mining

  • Refinery & Petrochemicals

  • Textile

  • Waste Management

Specialy products&services
  • Crude Oil Supply:A wide variety of both sweet and sour crude oils
  • Operations: Crude distillation, hydrocracking, catalytic cracking, hydrotreating, reforming, alkylation, isomerization, sulfur recovery and coking
  • Products: Gasoline, distillates, fuel-grade coke, asphalt, polymer-grade propylene, propane, dry gas, heavy fuel oil, slurry, refinery-grade propylene and sulfur
  • Product Distribution: Pipeline, barge, transport truck, rail and ocean tanker
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